Allergy Central

*Sniff*, *sniff*....today is off to a rough start! My nose and I are having a battle; I would like to breathe, but my nose has its own plans and would rather stuff itself up and then drip. I do have the power of medicine on my side, but so far, my nose laughs in my face about it. Gosh, I just had never experienced allergies until I moved to this lovely city of Greensboro, or should I say, pollen/grass/weed trap.

No, in reality, I am very content here, love the proximity to ocean and mountains, enjoy the weather most days, and love love LOVE the seasons. Fall is beautiful and crisp (especially when I get out of sniffling stage around the end of Sept), winter is delightfully chilly enough for a hot bowl of soup next to the fire, but then spring comes and the city blossoms with new beginnings for the year. Summer is hot, sure, but compared to previous residence in WPB, FL? At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I know come autumn, it WILL cool down! :) BUT, having said all of that, I do not welcome the allergies that I have acquired here. How I have sympathy like never before for others who share in this frustration! Now, I know I have much to be thankful for and mine are managable (most days) without the help of Claritin, Zyrtec, etc! But! I seriously have begun to wonder how many times a body can sneeze in one day?!

I found this link online when I was wondering how in the world could a person just suddenly 'develop' allergies...


Check out your city - good ol' GSO is big number TWO on the top 100 worst US cities to live in for allergies! There is my problem!!

Good thing its got everything else going for it...!


Deborah Kay said...

Bless you! hihi...
I love your new blog, Betsy! I have unwaivering faith in you that your blog WILL last longer than mine... but of course, that's not saying much, is it? :)
Love you!