Time with Dad

Sophia and I have been enjoying the summer...most of all because it means more time with Daddy! Eric continues to tutor throughout the summer but has a much more flexible schedule to be home with us! It is the time of year that I LOVE being married to a teacher! :)

Eric was being silly and Sophia's expression reads, 'uh, Mom, what is up with Dad?' it made us both laugh to look through the series of these pics...

saved the best for last...ahhh my heart!

Exersaucer Fun!

It has been so neat to watch her figure out the different toys as she plays and starts putting more weight on her feet while she's in it.

Pool Party!

It has been HOT hot hot here in Greensboro. Temps in the mid-upper 90s and it is only JUNE. We decided to get a little kiddie-pool so that Sophia could spend outside without suffering heat stroke! We got an umbrella also to keep her in the shade. It has been so fun! She wasn't sure what to think the first time she got in the water, but she soon relaxed and kicked her feet like she does during bath time.

loving those rolls! she was stylin' in a bikini...the only one she'll ever wear. ha


Sophia's Dedication

Sophia was dedicated at our church on Sunday, which made for an even more special Father's Day celebration for Eric. It was such a great day. Sophia could not have timed her naps and eating throughout the day better. She took a nap before church, was perfectly awake and content during the dedication, fell asleep in the nursery, and then took great naps all day once we got home. What was really neat was having both sets of grandparents present as well as Josh/Meg & their kids. We had many good friends come to support us and join us in prayer over the dedication which we really appreciated so much! Even though we have dedicated Sophia to the Lord daily from the early days of pregnancy, it was special to do so publicly and give thanks to God for our sweet girl. We had family over for lunch afterwards to just hang out. It was a day that we will never forget and cherish always.

The verse we prayed over Sophia is Psalm 22:10 , "From birth I was cast upon you; from my mother's womb you have been my God." We pray every day for Sophia to know and love the Lord as her God. That He would be deeply routed in her heart from birth. O Lord may it be so! That our sweet one would know and delight in you!

** also fun tidbit, Sophia is wearing a dress that I wore as a baby too! I was a little older than 4.5 months when I fit me though... :)

Pastor Don praying over Sophia. We are so thankful for our blessing from God!!

Cutting TEETH!

How is my 4.5 month old getting her first teeth already??!? I'm not ready for this!!!! I thought I'd have 6, 7, even 8 months before the first pearly tooth would make its appearance!!

Sophia has been such a trooper, just as delightful and sweet as always, with a very minimal amount of fussing. What HAS increased is her amount of drooling - she could practically swim in it! And everything, I mean EVERY thing, goes into her mouth these days to chew on, gnaw on, suck on, and taste. But oh the drool. so much drool. :) We are counting our lucky stars that we haven't encountered fever, inconsolable crying, interrupted sleep, and the other notoriously unfortunate teething symptoms. Sophia continues to amaze us at being the sweetest baby known to man! wow!

I have yet to capture a picture of the two teeth coming in (bottom front). One has cut through the gum and just has to come up and the other is still working its way through the gum (how has she not been more cranky? that sounds so ouchy!) it is hard to get a picture through all the drool and chewing :) will keep working on it...

AHhh...Sophia slow doooowwwnnnnn!!!!


Pops & Mimi visit!

Eric's parents arrived on Tuesday night and got to meet Sophia for the first-time!! It has been so fun and special to have them here - Sophia has been enjoying them too! She has gotten to see them over Skype, but there is nothing like being together in person to do things like: giving a bath, changing a diaper (she is a lot of fun on the changing table), blowing bubbles together, reading a book snuggled up together...
They have already jumped in being ever so helpful, as usual - folding laundry, washing dishes, grocery shopping - its so nice!! We are looking forward to having more time together this summer.

Sophia's first "taste" of a teething ring....her face says, "oo that is cold! what the heck am I chewing on? do I like this?" :)

Pops & Sophia doing tummy time together :)

My little snuggle bug giving love. I'm so happy she loves to cuddle!!


Four month photo shoot outtakes...

4 Months!

These updates need to get back on track; we are already 10 days into her fourth month for goodness sake! Sophia's personality is definitely emerging and we LOVE it! She is so much fun! She is an interesting combo of her parents (usually happens that way, right?) in that she is laid back in some ways but has a streak of drama! She goes from 0 to 100 in irritation and it always takes me by surprise! She will be totally calm, cooing away, playing happily and then within a matter of 3 seconds she is DONE! I have a hard time not cracking up just because her switch gets flipped so quickly between being happy and being so DRAMATIC! It is pretty cute right now...not sure how it will play out as a teenager but we have a while before we have to think about that ;)

*She LOVES to laugh! and will smile at even the slightest encouragement....ahh, we love our happy girl! she is ticklish and lets out good belly laughs! she also laughs and smiles anytime Eric pulls out his guitar to sing to her and entertain her. makes daddy feel really good! :)

*Sleeps through the night, she goes to bed at 7:30-8 pm and sleeps until 6:15-6:45 am. so nice!

*Still eating great...and has some juicy thighs! we loves the rolls though and are thankful for such healthy growth! She is growing out of 6 month clothing into 6-9 month and 9 month sizes! She is hard to keep up with! :) She eats every 3 - 3 1/2 hrs during the day and usually gets in 5-6 feedings

*4-month check up stats:
Weight - 16 lbs 9 oz (90% percentile)
Length - 25 inches long (65% percentile)
Head circumference - 16 inches (30% percentile)
Good ol' Adams' genes in there....fat and happy with a little head! :) that's my girl!

*She has started SQUEALING/SHRIEKING out of the pure entertainment of listening to her own voice! It is really funny! She isn't upset (usually although see above) :), she just likes to exercise her ability to join the conversation. We definitely don't forget that she is with us! :)

*She stopped hating the car!!! yayy!! this is such a big relief! She doesn't mind riding, just looking out the window if she's awake, and if she's sleepy, she just dozes off! It is so nice!

*She still loves the bath and kicks around playfully (along with a few shrieks and laughs). We got her a kiddie pool to use as we have had 90 temps the last 2 weeks and it is only June. I think it will be a nice way to still be outside without any of us having a heat stroke! can't wait to try it soon

*she has recently discovered her own hands!! it is so cute. she holds them RIGHT in front of her eyes, so close sometimes she goes cross eyed trying to focus, and then brings them to her mouth to chew/suck on. like yes! these are mine!

*Sophia is constantly trying to sit up! It's so funny because it looks like she's doing an ab crunch or sit up! if you hold both hands and help her, she will use her tummy and lean forward until she is sitting up! I think she is ready to take in the world around her more than just from a laying-flat-on-her back position. She wants to see what else is going on!

*she is the HAPPIEST baby when she wakes up! both in the morning and after each nap (most times anyway), she gives us the biggest smiles and gets so excited that its time to get up! Eric and I jokingly fight over who gets to get her up because of how fun it is to be the first person she sees!

Sophia, we love you sweet thing! What a blessing you are!

It happens in a blink!

This week I went to my niece, Molly's kindergarten graduation. It was so special to be there with Sophia, where we had enjoyed many weekly lunches together (Sophia got to experience those while she was still cooking away in my belly). Mol is getting so big! Annie & Owen are too.

While there, I heard a song called "Blink" (by Revive) and it fits how I am feeling these days so well!

The lyrics of the first verse and chorus:

Teach me to number my days
And count every moment before it slips away
Taking all the colors before they fade to gray
I don't want to miss even just a second more of this

It happens in a blink
It happens in a flash
It happens in the time it takes to look back
I try to hold on tight, but there's no stopping time
What is it I've done with my life
It happens in a blink (x2)

To listen to the whole song, click HERE

These moments and days are each so precious, we don't want to take even one for granted! I cherish every sweet snuggle when Sophia buries her face in my neck as she gets sleepy and closes her eyes in full contentment/security. Or the laughter and squeal over a simple fish face or blubber lips in our efforts to earn the delight of her entertainment. Even when her eyes are red-rimmed from being overtired/waking early from a nap, as I see crocodile tear streaks down her cheeks, it is indescribable to be the one she was hoping would come find her and rescue her from the isolation of her lonely crib. each day brings so many gifts. so many opportunities for joy, growth, humility, and the Lord's grace. I am on my knees daily for strength, wisdom, patience, and the supernatural ability for Eric and I to parent Sophia in the deepest of Love. She changes and grows every day; I don't want to miss any part of it. Because as we all know, 'it happens in a blink'!


Seattle part 2

Popeye introduced beads to Sophia, she seemed to like them! :)

She loves her cousin, Luca! She is so entertained by him...we all are!!

We saw the most beautiful peacock at the zoo! God's creation is awe-inspiring! The colors were so vibrant...amazing that the bird has strong enough muscles to support it all!


old school bath tub in the kitchen sink! :) look at those rolls!

we went to a lovely tea to celebrate Mother's Day! it was delicious!

Silly Cat

These pics of Felix crack me up. We have such a weird cat who LOVES boxes. They are by far his favorite thing over than food. He plays in them, sleeps in them, chews on the cardboard, hides out to ambush Marzell...boxes are so versatile in their entertainment for Felix. This was a narrow box I didn't think he would be able to fit in, but he proved me wrong. I'm not even sure how he "sat himself" in there, but he did look pretty cute hanging out like this...

Busy weeks!

Time has felt fast-forwarded these past couple of weeks. Sophia and I went on our first big trip together - out to Seattle! I will post some of the pics we took; we had such a blast! It was so fun to see Luca, John, and Katie as well as getting some time with Popeye and Nana!
Eric is finishing up school this week, it always feels like each week gets crazier and crazier leading up to the end. I am looking forward to what a fun summer it is going to be together as a family!