Starting the New Year off

2010 - here's to the best year ever! I know I have dropped off the face of the planet since I went to India, but I am back to the blogging world! :)

I just wanted to reassure my one faithful reader out there (hello? *tap *tap, this thing on?) that more posts are in my (and subsequently YOUR) future. :)

Happy New Year!

Decided to start 2010 out with a new layout...a nice and simple one. :) That is a good representation of my style...simple, classic, neutral. I won't tell you the real reason of the switch (that my lack of blogging for 90 days splashed "inactive" everywhere across of the lovely green background I used to have and changing the layout was the only way I found to get rid of it! ooops! did I mention I am not technologically inclined? Why am I blogging again?? Oh yeah, because it's fun!) :) Here's to us!