Baby Shilling is a...

GIRL!!!! This is not "new" news to most, but I realized I never did post it officially! We could not be more thrilled about a little girl coming soon! Secretly, I hope she gets her daddy's dark features...tan skin and deep brown eyes. :) We shall see!

As you can tell...she (aka my BELLY) is growing! It is surreal to feel all her jabs, kicks, and rolls...I couldn't love it more!
Braxton-Hicks have started a couple of weeks ago - they don't hurt at all thankfully. I'm glad to know my uterus is practicing for the big day ahead...just so long as it doesn't go overboard - it needs to keep baby girl cozy and growing in there for at least 11-12 more weeks! Crazy thing is, time is flying and it will be here before we know it! For now, Eric and I will enjoy our quiet evenings together and soak up the fall weather with pumpkin muffins and decaf coffee/tea/hot chocolate. :)


5 Year Anniversary!!

For our five year anniversary, we went to Grove Park Inn (thanks to some AMAZING parents at GDS!) in Asheville, NC. It was awesome, amazing, relaxing, enjoyable....you get the point. It was everything lovely and desirable for the celebration of our marriage!

We had complimentary dinner (5 courses) on the "Sunset Terrace"...everything from salad with feta and walnuts to filet mignon to shrimp cocktail (for Eric) to peanut pie for dessert....it was all decadent and delicious.

The name "Sunset Terrace" don't lie...the view took our breath away. You know how mountains look huge in person and tiny on camera? this would be the case here...but to enjoy the beauty of nature on a gorgeous summer night was so awesome.

Room service breakfast in bed...oh how I love thee, let me count the ways...

The best part about our anniversary is that each year of marriage has gotten better - how much we have to look forward to!