Katie's Surprise Shower!

Having my beloved sister, Katie, here to visit was AWESOME. It was so hard to let her go home! But it makes me excited that I will see her again soon, and next time, I'll be able to hold little baby boy Walker in my arms! Meg had us all (my Mom, me, Katie, my nieces) over for a mini-surprise shower/tea; she is always so good at decorating and hosting! I captured a few photos, but it was just fun to celebrate with Katie and spoil her with a few things for the little one coming soon. Molly was VERY willing to help Aunt Katie open her presents....she was so cute (and helpful!) :) Moll and Annie also helped Meg bake all the goodies...cupcakes, rice krispy treats with peanut-butter and chocolate (YUM), cookies....all colored bright blue in honor of the little baby boy joining the family. :)

Can you see those adorable napkins? Meg found them - perfect for Katie...preggo with an umbrella for all that Seattle rain... we were so thrilled Katie got some sunny weather during her visit.

Meg, Katie, and Annie

Molly decided it was only natural to open gifts first!... she picked out the perfect pillow to give to her new cousin. The pillow has a big giraffe on it, just like her "baffy" lovies that she adores. It matches the "jungle" theme bedding and other registered items Katie has picked out for him.
Hmm...finally - time to eat! Yummy cupcakes await...Love the blue frosting in Molly's toothy smile...

Annie was hilarious. She dove face first into this cupcake! Hey - no shame in that! ;)

Aww, sweet Molly-Moo, who undeniably inherited her Daddy's blue eyes

Katie, Annie, and Mom chilling on the couch...hah- looks like Molly is sneaking another cupcake in the background

At the park - chilly and windy - but at least sunny! Looking at this picture, you would never know in a million years that Katie is 7 months pregnant! She amazes me!

Molly was giving the baby hugs and kisses goodbye...her tummy is so beautiful. This close up is probably my favorite - I just love it.

This is the closest I've gotten to holding that little boy in there...soon enough though! What a wonderful visit - thanks for coming, Katie!!! We love you!!


Best Cookies (that aren't from scratch)

This blog post comes with a myriad of confessions. (I know, right after divulging all my computer issues...apparently I have a lot to get off my chest?) Anyway, my recent discovery this week at the store has me in quite the pickle. I was at good ole' HT (Harris Teeter) shopping the weekly sales and discovered on the sale list: organic refrigerated cookie dough by "Immaculate Baking Company". I will preface this discovery with my proclamation to the world that I have NEVER bought premade cookie dough. Not judging those who have/do in any way, but it is just more my style to make anything and everything I can from scratch. I grew up doing it that way and continue to enjoy putting the ingredients together myself so I have control over what goes in there. Seeing the price ($2.14 for 24 cookies! I can't make a homemade batch myself for that price) combined with the quality of product (organic? yes please!), I could not resist my piqued curiosity. I bought them and baked up a couple just to taste...OH MI GOSH. Dearest family and friends! run to your nearest store - these are your local, dessert-in-a-pinch, perfect treat. Here is my problem with them: I cannot stop eating them. I had to throw the rest of the little buttheads in the freezer so they weren't in plain sight, begging me to bake a few more, each time I opened up the fridge! Be warned: they are impossible to resist! Until I get all the pictures uploaded, I had to share my latest adventures in the kitchen...always a new day in here. ;) Seriously, though, these are awesome.


Computer confession...

I keep running into the same problem, which ya'll are going to find pathetic. The reason my blog posts sometimes get so far and few between is...because...well...*gulp*...I don't exactly know how to load the pictures from our camera onto our computer. I know! Stop yelling at me!! Eric is ashamed - believe me, it's not for a lack of his desire to show me! Actually, come to think of it, I've probably been shown at least 4 times (on the conservative side)...it's just, well, there are so many cords and places to shove things in the computer, it gets so confusing! You don't understand, I've TRIED! I have this similar problem hooking up the computer to the tv to watch something online (since we don't have cable). I have asked Eric to do it and to show me how to do it so many times, that last time, I finally said to myself, "betsy! this is ridiculous - you need to just figure this out!!" so I did my best to plug the right cords in the right places....well, I hit play on the computer screen, but the tv screen remained blue....hmm...after a few more attempts, I conceded and called for my technology-gifted hunny. It is not an exaggeration to say that he 'busted up' and laughed out loud for a good minute at the contraption I had rigged. Before fixing my efforts, he actually went to get the camera b/c apparently it was worth a picture of. To clarify, it wasn't a mean laugh; more like if you saw a child attempt homemade lasagna (perhaps my analogy is a tiny stretch?) Anyway, it's a problem, b/c I have loads of delicious recipes, adorable pictures of Molly and Anne, as well as my recent ever-so-thrilling daily life to catch you up on! BUT they are locked on the camera. I will butter Eric up with some homemade cookies tonight, then drop the bomb that I need his help uploading... A-G-A-I-N. Guess I am pretty lucky that he is a teacher; patience is one of his gifts! ;)



Wow. Eric and I watched a very powerful movie last night in regards to marriage! It was emotionally draining and inspiring to watch this couple navigate through common pitfalls/difficulties in many marriages. Eric and I are amazed at how much we've learned about each other, true love, and marriage these past 3 1/2 - 4 years. I loved that the movie defines a fireproof marriage as, not one that will never encounter fire, but rather, one that will withstand the fire, when it does come. How blessed Eric and I are to have Christ as our Rock, when the fire comes in our own marriage!
I am going to look for "The Love Dare" book, I think it would be a great way to teach me how to be a better wife and how to love Eric even more deeply.

I recommend this movie to everyone I know, married or single!

As a side note, this movie blew my mind at the job of a firefighter and makes me respect and appreciate what they do every single day. What an honorable, selfless life to lead; giving equal honor to the spouses and families of firefighters, willingly sharing/sacrificing the lives of their loved ones, in order to save others'. Wow.