While in St. Augustine, MARIA came to visit for an overnight! It was sooooo fun! From an evening on the beach with wine & cheezits, playing in the sand with Sophia, girls' lunch at Colombia Restaurant, walking around downtown St. Augustine (which is beautiful)....we had a blast.
Thank you Maria for making the drive up to see us!!!! love you!

FL - fun in the sun

 breakfast with Mimi on the patio

 headed to the BEACH!
 Having fun with "Pa"! 

 Fun in the pool with Daddy & Pops!

 Story time before bed
'Night, 'night!

Florida Beach Trip - Eric's Bday

We spent a week down in St. Augustine with Eric's parents at the beach. It was so fun and again, Sophia LOVED everything about it - the pool, the sand, the waves! 

We celebrated Eric's birthday (big 3-0) and got to visit with lots of family we don't see very often! 

 Sophia with her Great-Grandpa Parrett "Pa"!
 Uncle Pepe & Aunt Sandy being silly and having fun
 Aunt Kari letting Sophia have some of her chapstick. This girl LOVES putting on chapstick!!
 Family picture! Wishing Donnie had been there with us!
 Silly photo - somehow over half ended up doing "bunny ears"
 4 generation pic
Happy Birthday my Love!


Sophia has learned to climb! She especially likes the wooden box by our door that stores my piano books and collects our recycling waiting to be brought outside. She can reach the light switch when standing which is of course so fun to turn on and off. She now climbs on chairs, couches, stools, benches, coffee tables, whatever she can hoist a leg up onto. It is a little scary! but glad she is exploring the world around her and gaining confidence.

Here is the progression of her getting up there.

 Here she goes!

 "Uh....I'm not sure after all. Mom, do I need help?" this is her concerned look which needs a little reassurance than she can do it.
 Oh yeah, I remember now...
 Does everyone see what I did?? I am standing up on the box!!
So proud of herself. What a cutie.

Fourth of July Parade

Well, I'm a month behind. I will catch up, slowly but surely - I am determined to.

We had a nice, quiet 4th of July this year....we arrived home from MN on the night of the 3rd so we took the next day easy, just enjoying our time together at home.

We went downtown to catch the tail end of the Greensboro parade and Sophia enjoyed sitting in a fire truck. :) We didn't last too long downtown though because it was already HOT at 10 am. We are so thankful to live in a country with so many freedoms and blessings.

sweet girl fell asleep on our way to the parade (a whole 10 min drive from our house....she loves her car seat now after all those hours on the road this summer!) 

 watching the floats go by!

Her grin was from ear-to-ear! She loved "driving" the fire truck! :)