Reality Hits

Well, I slept in my own bed last night and though there was little sleep to be had (darn jet lag), it was very comfortable. As I sit with Marzi on the table and sort through our pictures - I am amazed to really be back in Greensboro. The feelings are definitely mixed, and a big chunk of my heart will always be in Europe, but it is nice to be done traveling for a bit. It felt like a new bed every night and after a month of wearing the same 3 t-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts, I am ready for a more complete wardrobe! What a trip. What a GREAT trip....loved almost every minute of it. It is almost overwhelming to try to post all my pictures, but I am determined, since each place we went means so much to me.

I'll pick one from each place right now, then maybe put together an online album to make it easier...
NY (awesome layover) w/ Tiffany at Serendipity


Adelboden, Switzerland



More to come.... for now, I'm off to find myself some cafe au lait, cafe latte, milchkaffee, COFFEE! :)