New Look!

I got my hair cut - 8 inches off!! It feels soooo good to have shorter hair that is much easier to style and take care of! I also went back to my natural color...after being a blonde for a LONG time, I am surprised by how much I love it!
When Eric and I worked on our budget for after Sophia would be born, blonde highlights just didn't make the top cut of priority. Plus where I used to go (a training salon) wasn't practical b/c they took 3 hrs to do highlights (sure won't miss those appts!) I was nervous about how my natural hair color would look on me...but surprise, surprise, it looks NATURAL! :)
It only takes me 10-15 min to style (only 3 min if I leave it curly!) and still goes up into a ponytail! Perfect new look for this new Mom! :)


Aunt Tiffany & Uncle Kevin's Visit!

We had a wonderful time with Tiffany and Kevin...Sophia loved all the attention and snuggles! The weather was beautiful so we went for a hike at Lake Brandt Marina and enjoyed NUMEROUS delicious meals made by Tiffany! We also enjoyed some friendly competitive hand-and-foot games (boys won 1, girls won 1), Mellow Mushroom pizza, and great conversation. We always love having Tiff & Kev visit and they always manage to spoil us so much! Can't wait to visit them next time!

Oh and Buddy came with them this visit...he is so cute! I am always amazed at how chill the cats and Buddy are with each other...makes me want to get a dog just like him!

Sophia loves them both....she spent the whole weekend smiling... :)

Bath time!

Sophia loves bath time....well I should say she loves being in the warm water and tolerates lotion time afterwards. She doesn't love the transition from the tub to getting dressed, but then again who else likes getting out of a warm bathtub? I am glad that she enjoys the water so much!

She is such a little cutie-pie!

Uncle Donnie's Visit!

Sophia loved meeting Uncle Donnie...she especially loved his singing and rocking. He got lots of smiles out of her throughout the week! Eric enjoyed his brother's company while he was on spring break from school. We watched movies, they played video games, disc golf, got milkshakes, had sushi...it was a fun, laid back week!

Yes, the picture is blurry, but it was taken "mid-rock"

Donnie was coaching Eric at how to take pictures while having to look directly at the sun...well Eric made us all laugh with this one. oh the Shilling brothers are funny when they get together!


One Month!

Our baby is already 6 weeks old today! But I meant to post this on 3/2 when she was officially one month old. Crazy how time flies! It amazes me how much she has already grown since birth! My baby is getting so big...she's hardly a newborn anymore!

*Sophia loves to be cuddled, rocked, kissed, held close. She also loves her swaddle blankets, but somehow her Houdini arms/hands always find a way out!!

*She loves to be outside in the fresh air - enjoys walks in the Ergo, Moby, and stroller! I'm so thankful the weather is warming up so we can be outside even more!

*Daddy's singing calms her down and usually stops her fussing instantly. Interestingly (although not surprisingly), Mama's singing does nothing for it

*doesn't like the car so far, but we are hoping/praying it is a faze that she grows out of! She gives her lungs a work out when we hit red lights or stop for any reason. She doesn't let up until we get to our destination and can pull her out of the car seat. Makes me not want to take her out much!

*She is a GREAT eater...for which Mama is SO thankful! It is something I prayed about and do not take for granted! Nor do we take Mama's milk supply for granted! Thank you Lord! During the day, she eats every 3 hrs, but at night she usually stocks up before bed eating two longer feedings, then gives me one longer stretch (at 4 weeks it was 4-5 hrs. Now at 6 weeks, she is up 1-2x per night and sleeps 5-6 hrs in one stretch!)

*I think bc she is a good feeder, she is a good sleeper! She gets up 2-3 times a night and during the day follows a sleep, eat, wake pattern beautifully.

*her facial expressions during sleep are hilarious! We love them! Smiles, frowns, furrowed and/or raised eyebrows, lips puckered...she is adorable!

I know this time is short, so I am soaking up each day! It doesn't seem possible to love her more every day but we do!

Uncle Chris' visit!

Uncle Chris came to visit us and meet Sophia for his spring break from med school!! It was SO GOOD to see him and spend time together! I am glad NC gave him some beautiful spring weather while he was here as a break from the cold, wintry weather he is still experiencing up in Michigan.

Sophia catching an afternoon snooze while Chris and Eric play a little FIFA soccer together...

We celebrated my birthday as a family while Chris, his girlfriend Erin, and Popeye were in town. Josh and Meg & kids came too, which was very special since Josh's schedule is SO busy at work right now! Chris and his girlfriend, Erin, made me a beautiful and delicious carrot cake!!!!! (on top of a great fajita dinner for us all!) Yummy! Lucky me got to take home the leftovers!

Chris and Erin, master chef and baker team :)

It was SOO GREAT to have you guys here....thanks for making the drive down and spending your break with us!!!

Popeye's Visit

Sophia and I got lots of quality time with Popeye...he took good care of little fia, rocking, burping, walking, even dancing with her! He also bought her a very special rocking chair, which we have already used every day since he gave it to us. Sophia sure loves to be rocked and cuddled close!! And boy, how her Mama loves to cuddle her!

Popeye got to have fun with Molly, Annie, and Owen too! It was a great visit!


Newborn Photos!

We got some newborn shots taken of Sophia when she was 11 days old. The friend and photographer (Jennifer Rickard) who took them is really talented! It is so fun to have such a special time of welcoming Sophia in our lives documented. Here are a few of my favorites!

Mama & Daddy are smitten!!

Luca is walking!!!!

So many prayers have been answered...my sweet nephew in Seattle is walking!! Click here to watch him in action!!
Check out his story be reading my sister's blog here.
We are so proud of you Luca!!!

First Playdate!

Sophia had her first playdate with Zach Morin and Hughes Bell! It was so fun to catch up with fellow new mamas, Katie & Mary Katherine! Zach and Sophia share the same birthday (so special!) and Hughes is just a week older than them both. Hope to do it again soon!

*Sophia was sound asleep so as you can tell, she wasn't very excited about posing for a picture...


Sophia - aka miss adorable

4 days old
6 days old - love those facial expressions!
2 weeks old
3 1/2 weeks old
4 weeks old (doing tummy time)
I can't believe my baby is one month old today!

Sophia's First Bottle!

Sophia got her first bottle given by Daddy when she was 3 1/2 weeks old! They both did great! :) Daddy is a pro and Sophia is a such a good eater, for which we are very thankful! I'm not ready to give up many feedings, but it is so nice to know she will take a bottle for our date nights, etc.

Aunt Katie's Visit

Sophia and I (and Eric!) miss Aunt Katie already. She was such a big help and we always love spending time together. Sophia loved all the books Aunt Katie read to her and all the walks she took with her in the Ergo! Thanks for coming Katie!!!!!!

Aunt Maria's Visit

LOVED having Aunt Maria come visit and help! We miss you!

Nana's Visit

At Sophia's birth

Sophia meeting her cousins: Molly, Annie, and Owen

Sophia had her first girls' lunch out at 6 days old! :)

We sure loved having Nana here - what a special time for us all! Thanks for everything!!