One Month!

Our baby is already 6 weeks old today! But I meant to post this on 3/2 when she was officially one month old. Crazy how time flies! It amazes me how much she has already grown since birth! My baby is getting so big...she's hardly a newborn anymore!

*Sophia loves to be cuddled, rocked, kissed, held close. She also loves her swaddle blankets, but somehow her Houdini arms/hands always find a way out!!

*She loves to be outside in the fresh air - enjoys walks in the Ergo, Moby, and stroller! I'm so thankful the weather is warming up so we can be outside even more!

*Daddy's singing calms her down and usually stops her fussing instantly. Interestingly (although not surprisingly), Mama's singing does nothing for it

*doesn't like the car so far, but we are hoping/praying it is a faze that she grows out of! She gives her lungs a work out when we hit red lights or stop for any reason. She doesn't let up until we get to our destination and can pull her out of the car seat. Makes me not want to take her out much!

*She is a GREAT eater...for which Mama is SO thankful! It is something I prayed about and do not take for granted! Nor do we take Mama's milk supply for granted! Thank you Lord! During the day, she eats every 3 hrs, but at night she usually stocks up before bed eating two longer feedings, then gives me one longer stretch (at 4 weeks it was 4-5 hrs. Now at 6 weeks, she is up 1-2x per night and sleeps 5-6 hrs in one stretch!)

*I think bc she is a good feeder, she is a good sleeper! She gets up 2-3 times a night and during the day follows a sleep, eat, wake pattern beautifully.

*her facial expressions during sleep are hilarious! We love them! Smiles, frowns, furrowed and/or raised eyebrows, lips puckered...she is adorable!

I know this time is short, so I am soaking up each day! It doesn't seem possible to love her more every day but we do!


Maria said...

She is quite the little lady!!

Katie said...

OH my WORD! This must be in a frame, right? Or blown up on your wall somewhere?! TOO CUTE! Give her a squeeze for me!

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

I know you you know this but she is SO CUTE! I love seeing her sweet face!