Uncle Chris' visit!

Uncle Chris came to visit us and meet Sophia for his spring break from med school!! It was SO GOOD to see him and spend time together! I am glad NC gave him some beautiful spring weather while he was here as a break from the cold, wintry weather he is still experiencing up in Michigan.

Sophia catching an afternoon snooze while Chris and Eric play a little FIFA soccer together...

We celebrated my birthday as a family while Chris, his girlfriend Erin, and Popeye were in town. Josh and Meg & kids came too, which was very special since Josh's schedule is SO busy at work right now! Chris and his girlfriend, Erin, made me a beautiful and delicious carrot cake!!!!! (on top of a great fajita dinner for us all!) Yummy! Lucky me got to take home the leftovers!

Chris and Erin, master chef and baker team :)

It was SOO GREAT to have you guys here....thanks for making the drive down and spending your break with us!!!


Chris said...

So great to come down and see the Sophia Grace and everyone!