Somebody's ticklish...

You know you're a Mom when you shoot 30 pictures within a 2 minute time span and you think all of them are too good to delete... :)

Sophia rolled over!

for the first time today!!!! I happened to have my camera handy and she was rolling sloowllly so I got some still shots. She kind of rolled halfway so she was sideways, paused, and then let her weight carry her the rest of the way onto her back. It was very exciting! :)

Hey Mom! Ready to be impressed? Watch this!

Ok, here I go!

Let's just pause a second to talk about how FUN this is!

And...drumroll.....TA DA!!

Let's do it again!


Strawberry Picking

Last week Sophia and I went strawberry picking with our friends, Jessica & Clara. The weather was beautiful and the strawberries were PERFECT! Deliciously sweet and irresistably ripe. It was hard to pull ourselves away to leave because the berries were begging to be picked! Sophia took a nice nap in the Ergo the whole time we were there.

It has been fun to make yummy desserts (shortcake topped with sweetened cream, trifle made with homemade pound cake, etc), to put them in salads, and just to snack on them by the handful. Hopefully we'll go again soon!


Saturday morning run with Dad

Here they are off for a morning jog! I am so proud of Eric for taking up running this year and doing so well! I got my jog in early this morning while Sophia took her first nap. My friend, Michelle, and I did 4 miles together! That is the farthest I have run in a long time and it felt great!

Sophia's Mobile!

It is finished! Only took me a few weeks to finish...but I am proud of it and Sophia seems to like it. It was cost friendly and now that I've done one, it would be easy to adapt to any type of shape/colors. The lighting was weird since it was a cloudy day and didn't have much natural light coming in her window. I'll try to take some more pictures that turn out better but here is the idea of what it looks like!

View looking up....from Sophia's perspective...


Mother's Day 2011

What a wonderful day. After a few years of Mother's Day being one of the harder days for me, this year it was such a joy to spend time marvelling at the sweet gift & privilege of being Sophia's Mom. The day started off with a sweet card and breakfast "from Sophia". It was a pumpkin cheesecake muffin from my favorite bakery in Greensboro (Ollie's). I also got to spend the afternoon putting in my veggie garden and the day ended with Eric & Sophia picking up our favorite Thai take-out so I didn't have to cook or clean up dinner.
The BEST gift Sophia got me though wasn't planned...she is such a sweet girl and picked the perfect day to start laughing! The little high pitched squeaks and squeals are so precious! I caught some of it on video but since I wasn't paying attention to the filming, it is a little off-center. What you can hear is more important than what you can see.
(*note: sorry about the stray breast pad laying on the couch...!) such is our life these days....

Click HERE to watch!...


3 Months!

My baby is officially past "newborn" stages by all definitions. She turned 3 months old yesterday! Where does time go?

*Sophia still loves staring at the fan and lamps. :) It is so cute. She also really likes the mobile I made for her crib!! I was very proud of myself since I am not crafty. AT ALL. Eric kept laughing at all the silly questions I had as I put it together. I am very happy with the way it turned out though! When I showed it Sophia and said, 'what do you think of this, do you like it?' she smiled big at it! success!

*She is still a great eater! Still doesn't go for the bottle though...we'll keep trying! So thankful for a healthy milk supply and that she nurses so well

*She has fallen into a nap routine of a really long nap in the morning (usually around 2 1/2 hrs long!) then three more naps that are much shorter (45 min - 1 hr). By around 5, she is usually up a couple of hours before bed and then "crashes" for the night. Bedtime is between 7:15-7:45 pm.

*We cut out the "dreamfeed" (where I would feed her before I went to bed without waking her up) two days before she turned 3 months! Mama was a little sad since that was sweet time cuddling and it means she is growing up, but she just didn't seem to need it anymore. She is sleeping 9-11 hrs straight at night and then eats longer during the day at each of her feedings. She eats about 5-6 times a day.

*Her little hands are very grabby these days! ANYthing that comes into contact with them gets held onto with quite a strong grip! She has gotten Daddy's arm hair quite a few times! :) And Mama has to be just as careful with her longer hair, earrings, necklaces, etc. We are so thankful for that wonderful strength in her hands!

*She loves to suck/chew on her hands. She is still not a fan of the pacifier (I feel like she has an aversion to plastic nipple shape?) but loves to put fingers and her fist in her mouth. She has become a drool monster! And blowing spit bubbles are usually a telltale sign of someone getting sleepy!

*Sophia is still my little cuddle-bug and loves being held close and snuggled. She still loves the Ergo, Moby, and Seven sling....I think because she is rocked by movement and held tight. They are perfect for when we are out and about because she will still take a short nap in them.

*She is wearing 6 month clothes. :) Glad she is such a growing girl!

*Is on the CUSP of laughing....I can see it coming any day now!

We love you sweet pea!! I mean, who could resist with a face and personality like yours??!

Crazy Hair...

Last night I gave Sophia her bath before bed. Normally I dry then smooth down her hair so it all faces forward in the same direction. Well last night she was getting really tired and impatient, so I was trying to hurry so I could just get her into bed for the night. I just dried it quickly (taking a soft dry cloth, I gently rub it back and forth on her head....its not like we need a blow-dryer to get all 20 hairs dry) but I didn't smooth it at all. I figured it probably wouldn't matter......
I was mistaken....

turns out that is an important step after all...

in case you are wondering, yes, it does still look like that after she slept on it 12 hrs. As you can see, she is still too cute, even with her hair sticking up all over :)

Molly-Moo is SIX!

Eric, Sophia, and I all had fun going to Molly's "horse-themed" party last Saturday. It is so hard to believe she is already six years old! It is so special to get to be part of birthday parties and other special events in their lives. Sophia had fun hanging out with Owen while the girls were busy swinging at the pinata. It was such a nice day to hang out at the park to celebrate such a beloved, sweet niece! We love you Molly!

Weekend at the Lake

Sophia spent her first two nights away from home and we all enjoyed the view of a beautiful lake with our friends. Their son, J, was born 10 days before Sophia at the same birthing center. It was fun to see them together and to be hanging out with another couple who is on the same taking-care-of-a-3-month-old schedule. Their daughter, N, entertained J & Sophia all weekend! :)
I didn't get any pictures of the lake, but it was very relaxing to be away for a few days. Sophia slept the longest record yet while we were there...12 hours straight. It was awesome. :)

Hanging in the jungle together...it was so cute, they are both in the stage of where they tend to grab and hold anything that came near, so often they would end up grabbing each others hands and holding them, haha.