Strawberry Picking

Last week Sophia and I went strawberry picking with our friends, Jessica & Clara. The weather was beautiful and the strawberries were PERFECT! Deliciously sweet and irresistably ripe. It was hard to pull ourselves away to leave because the berries were begging to be picked! Sophia took a nice nap in the Ergo the whole time we were there.

It has been fun to make yummy desserts (shortcake topped with sweetened cream, trifle made with homemade pound cake, etc), to put them in salads, and just to snack on them by the handful. Hopefully we'll go again soon!


Jen said...

That looks so fun Betsy! I hope to take Oliver when it is Strawberry soon here in a few weeks. I'm guessing he'll just sit there and eat them all though which is probably what I did when I was his age. Sophia is getting so big so fast, it goes by way too fast!!!

Maria said...

Yum, Yum, Yum!!! looks like fun!!

Rebekah said...

Cool! I wish there was a strawberry farm near us. So glad you got to go out and enjoy the sunshine & friends & fruit! You look great Betsy--all baby weight poof! gone!
Miss you!