Who knew....

that what you use to blow up an air mattress could be the most fun "toy" ever?? Eric showed Sophia where the 'on' button is and how if you press it, the black box makes lots of noise and blows air out at you....here are her facial expressions captured...priceless!

 look at all those TEETH?! 12 in and counting....working on 4 more....

could this face beam any brighter?!? I think not!

Her shirt doesn't lie! :) cutest thing ever! oh how we love to see you laugh and light up, sweet pea!

Bath time at 16 months

Bath time continues to be a favorite activity in the house....Sophia enjoys water in any form: bath, shower, sprinkler in the backyard, even washing her hands throughout the day!

It is really fun to have her splash around and not mind getting water in her face. Currently we are working on "no standing in the bath" and if she stands up, she is automatically done playing and we take her out. She loves when the water is coming out of the faucet.