India Party

Dewy & Carolyn came through town to visit us so I invited some friends over to hang out together! Carolyn brought some of her fabulous India products...scarves, jewelry, handbags, etc. It is always fun to see the Wetherbys; they never run out of stories about their adventures in India! :)

Carolyn also made some authentic chai - delicious! We are lucky enough that she shared the recipe with me!!

Chai (the real deal):
Makes 4 Cups

2 cups water
2 cups milk (at least 2%)
4 tsp sugar (increase/decrease according to preference)
2 cloves
Piece of Cinnamon bark (powder cinnamon works too)
Nutmeg (just a sprinkle)
Cardamom (1 pod, gently pound open)

Bring the above to rolling boil. THEN turn off the burner and add tea (1 tsp for every cup). Cover the pot and let steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain and enjoy! And believe me, enjoy you WILL!

To go with the chai, I made a strawberry tart, which was really fun! I had never made pastry cream before, so I am feeling good about learning how to do that! It is creamy, sweet heaven in your mouth...I know I will revisit this tart throughout the summer as different berries are in season. Right now, we are in prime strawberry season, so these were hand-picked locally...sure to be the juiciest and sweetest. YUM!


Date Night

Here is my favorite kind of math:

Free chips/salsa
+ $1 Taco Tuesday
+ $0.99 draft beers (for hubby)
+ $7.00 coupon off total bill
= awesome food, fun date, the perfect Tuesday night.

Thank you Poblano's for existing. Your food and prices make us happy.

Oh, also, a radio station was doing some promotions at the restaurant so on our way out we got a couple of free cups. Sweet!