More Summer Pics

 She LOVES catching rain water from the drain pipe into this metal bowl. Even on sunny days, she'll sit there, asking for water to come out. :)

Also - news in our household - Marzell has become an indoor-outdoor cat!! It was awesome and we have wondered why we waited 6 years to let him out! However, after being left out (though we tried to call him in!) overnight in a thunderstorm w rain and being chased the next day by loose neighborhood dogs, he refuses to venture back out. And those incidents were about a month ago...so the whole outdoor thing lasted about 3 weeks max. Bummer since it was nice to see him enjoying the fresh air. Oh, and he would hardly leave our yard - so nice! He would just lounge on the porch, walk around the yard, contemplate how to get up our trees to the squirrels... maybe he will gather the courage one day to go back out.

And we're back....

after several weeks on blog hiatus, I am back and will pick up with life where it is now....

This is homemade sidewalk paint...aka cream of tartar, water, and food coloring (thank you Pinterest). Amazing how simple it was to do but how long it entertained Sophia outside!

 She decided to venture from painting the porch to her hair, legs, belly....then why not give it a taste?

 She loves going over and picking cherry tomatoes right off the vine from the garden. This is my old garden and though I didn't plant anything in it, it still had a few "volunteer" plants come up from last year.
Summer Fun!