Weekend at the Lake

Sophia spent her first two nights away from home and we all enjoyed the view of a beautiful lake with our friends. Their son, J, was born 10 days before Sophia at the same birthing center. It was fun to see them together and to be hanging out with another couple who is on the same taking-care-of-a-3-month-old schedule. Their daughter, N, entertained J & Sophia all weekend! :)
I didn't get any pictures of the lake, but it was very relaxing to be away for a few days. Sophia slept the longest record yet while we were there...12 hours straight. It was awesome. :)

Hanging in the jungle together...it was so cute, they are both in the stage of where they tend to grab and hold anything that came near, so often they would end up grabbing each others hands and holding them, haha.