New Look!

I got my hair cut - 8 inches off!! It feels soooo good to have shorter hair that is much easier to style and take care of! I also went back to my natural color...after being a blonde for a LONG time, I am surprised by how much I love it!
When Eric and I worked on our budget for after Sophia would be born, blonde highlights just didn't make the top cut of priority. Plus where I used to go (a training salon) wasn't practical b/c they took 3 hrs to do highlights (sure won't miss those appts!) I was nervous about how my natural hair color would look on me...but surprise, surprise, it looks NATURAL! :)
It only takes me 10-15 min to style (only 3 min if I leave it curly!) and still goes up into a ponytail! Perfect new look for this new Mom! :)


borninseattle@blogspot.com said...
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borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

You look so great! I love you hair and cut! Super cute. Love you, Katie
(This is fun because now we can look more a like:)

Papa Jay said...

Lookin' like a lovely lovable lively lady with a lassie just as LOVABLE!

Maria said...

You look great!! I LOVE the new cut and the color looks perfect! I cant wait to have a ponytail!

Katie said...

What does Eric think?
I love it PS. ;)