Pops & Mimi visit!

Eric's parents arrived on Tuesday night and got to meet Sophia for the first-time!! It has been so fun and special to have them here - Sophia has been enjoying them too! She has gotten to see them over Skype, but there is nothing like being together in person to do things like: giving a bath, changing a diaper (she is a lot of fun on the changing table), blowing bubbles together, reading a book snuggled up together...
They have already jumped in being ever so helpful, as usual - folding laundry, washing dishes, grocery shopping - its so nice!! We are looking forward to having more time together this summer.

Sophia's first "taste" of a teething ring....her face says, "oo that is cold! what the heck am I chewing on? do I like this?" :)

Pops & Sophia doing tummy time together :)

My little snuggle bug giving love. I'm so happy she loves to cuddle!!


Katie said...

She's so darn cute Betsy. I love her face squashed up against a loved one's shoulder. SO cute! Makes me miss her!