4 Months!

These updates need to get back on track; we are already 10 days into her fourth month for goodness sake! Sophia's personality is definitely emerging and we LOVE it! She is so much fun! She is an interesting combo of her parents (usually happens that way, right?) in that she is laid back in some ways but has a streak of drama! She goes from 0 to 100 in irritation and it always takes me by surprise! She will be totally calm, cooing away, playing happily and then within a matter of 3 seconds she is DONE! I have a hard time not cracking up just because her switch gets flipped so quickly between being happy and being so DRAMATIC! It is pretty cute right now...not sure how it will play out as a teenager but we have a while before we have to think about that ;)

*She LOVES to laugh! and will smile at even the slightest encouragement....ahh, we love our happy girl! she is ticklish and lets out good belly laughs! she also laughs and smiles anytime Eric pulls out his guitar to sing to her and entertain her. makes daddy feel really good! :)

*Sleeps through the night, she goes to bed at 7:30-8 pm and sleeps until 6:15-6:45 am. so nice!

*Still eating great...and has some juicy thighs! we loves the rolls though and are thankful for such healthy growth! She is growing out of 6 month clothing into 6-9 month and 9 month sizes! She is hard to keep up with! :) She eats every 3 - 3 1/2 hrs during the day and usually gets in 5-6 feedings

*4-month check up stats:
Weight - 16 lbs 9 oz (90% percentile)
Length - 25 inches long (65% percentile)
Head circumference - 16 inches (30% percentile)
Good ol' Adams' genes in there....fat and happy with a little head! :) that's my girl!

*She has started SQUEALING/SHRIEKING out of the pure entertainment of listening to her own voice! It is really funny! She isn't upset (usually although see above) :), she just likes to exercise her ability to join the conversation. We definitely don't forget that she is with us! :)

*She stopped hating the car!!! yayy!! this is such a big relief! She doesn't mind riding, just looking out the window if she's awake, and if she's sleepy, she just dozes off! It is so nice!

*She still loves the bath and kicks around playfully (along with a few shrieks and laughs). We got her a kiddie pool to use as we have had 90 temps the last 2 weeks and it is only June. I think it will be a nice way to still be outside without any of us having a heat stroke! can't wait to try it soon

*she has recently discovered her own hands!! it is so cute. she holds them RIGHT in front of her eyes, so close sometimes she goes cross eyed trying to focus, and then brings them to her mouth to chew/suck on. like yes! these are mine!

*Sophia is constantly trying to sit up! It's so funny because it looks like she's doing an ab crunch or sit up! if you hold both hands and help her, she will use her tummy and lean forward until she is sitting up! I think she is ready to take in the world around her more than just from a laying-flat-on-her back position. She wants to see what else is going on!

*she is the HAPPIEST baby when she wakes up! both in the morning and after each nap (most times anyway), she gives us the biggest smiles and gets so excited that its time to get up! Eric and I jokingly fight over who gets to get her up because of how fun it is to be the first person she sees!

Sophia, we love you sweet thing! What a blessing you are!