Cutting TEETH!

How is my 4.5 month old getting her first teeth already??!? I'm not ready for this!!!! I thought I'd have 6, 7, even 8 months before the first pearly tooth would make its appearance!!

Sophia has been such a trooper, just as delightful and sweet as always, with a very minimal amount of fussing. What HAS increased is her amount of drooling - she could practically swim in it! And everything, I mean EVERY thing, goes into her mouth these days to chew on, gnaw on, suck on, and taste. But oh the drool. so much drool. :) We are counting our lucky stars that we haven't encountered fever, inconsolable crying, interrupted sleep, and the other notoriously unfortunate teething symptoms. Sophia continues to amaze us at being the sweetest baby known to man! wow!

I have yet to capture a picture of the two teeth coming in (bottom front). One has cut through the gum and just has to come up and the other is still working its way through the gum (how has she not been more cranky? that sounds so ouchy!) it is hard to get a picture through all the drool and chewing :) will keep working on it...

AHhh...Sophia slow doooowwwnnnnn!!!!


Katie said...

Two teeth?!?!?!!! Oh no! Is there a pill you can give her? maybe skip a meal?? what in the world?! where is the time going and why can't we slow this down?
sometimes I ask the Lord why he didn't stretch this 1 year growing period into 2 years. . . my MIL said it's b/c not all babies are as sweet/lovable/cuddly/awesome/wonderful as ours. . . <3