Weekend Plans

Oh, I am so excited it's Friday. Nothing better than being just a few hours from a blissful weekend ahead! And I couldn't be more excited about our plans. What are they, you ask? Nothing!... isn't that beautiful?? Well, I shouldn't say nothing, because I do have plans: to make a big batch of delicious cinnamon rolls, my darn kitchen has been asking me to clean it (its so high-maintenance these days), and of course my hubby might appreciate if I collect, fold, and put away the clean laundry that has literally taken over our guest bedroom. Imagine what a bomb of clean clothes exploding in a room would look like and you get the gist...hey, at least they are clean, right?? Could be worse...like my bathroom. *clearing throat* ...Moving on, shall we?

Oh, another plan for the weekend is taking care of Snoopy, my beloved childhood dog, who at this point, is hobbling around, the poor thing, due to arthritis and allergies. I really feel for him, he used to love walks, chasing squirrels, and would give my cats a run for their money! But now, he is pretty sedentary due to the pain in his poor little legs. Anyway, I hope I can show him a little affection this weekend like the good ole' days when he was my sweet puppy dog.

Eric has a soccer game tomorrow in Charlotte, which means a day long event, leaving at 9 am, not to return until probably 4-5 pm. Doesn't getting up early on Sat. to ride on a bus for 2 hours with hyper & nervous underclassmen excited for their game, then coaching the big game, then having to sit around to watch the varsity game, then riding back home on that same bus with now sweaty, stinky, either very elated and more hyper (from a win) or crabby (from a loss) junior-varsity players, sound like a blast? Can't say I envy his plans tomorrow! but he loves it and only the Lord knows why! ;) I secretly wish he was going to be home with me and my marvelous plans of filling the house with the sweet aroma of warm yeast and cinnamon...and with the 70% chance of rain after a drizzly down-pour all day today, my odds of him being home after all are looking pretty good. I do realize that is a selfish desire on my part...but... but, what can I say? I love when he's home! Is that so bad??

If the recipe works out as well for me as when Maria made the world's best cinnamon rolls, I will share the magic of gooey goodness with all.


Erika said...

Yes, please share!! And, send some our way!! Man, someone needs to create a teleporter!! :)

The Shillings said...

Oh, I totally would! Tell Donnie that's his next project - creating a teleporter! ;) haha

Sarah said...

Hi Betsy (and Eric!) Just stumbled across your blog and have been enjoying reading about what you've been up to these days :). It's a much more efficient way to keep up then relying on Rebekah for updates!