"logic" can be relative

In case you ever find yourself wondering whether it is conceivably possible to go to bed at 9:30 pm (yes, you read that right), wake up at 6:30 am(since I'm an accountant married to a math teacher, I'll do the complex math for you - 9 hours) and still have dark circles under your eyes? I am here to tell you that the answer is yes! Did I mention I took naps both Saturday AND Sunday? I am the woman who hates naps! They just happened without my consent!! As my sick-looking, dark, shadowed eyes stared back at me from the mirror this morning, I half-kiddingly asked my math man, 'do you think we could have mono?' (he woke up saying he was still tired also after sleeping 9 hrs last night...never mind that he hadn't been to bed until 3 am the night before, and the sleep he did get was in a cold, wet tent on school property with loud teenagers about...) His non-verbal response to my semi-ridiculous (ok, fine! totally ridiculous) question was immediate...he raised one eyebrow, furrowed the other and looked at his wife in a 'I know you aren't crazy, but are you crazy?!?' kind of way. His verbal response was something more like, 'Um...no, if we had mono, we would have NO energy.' I was like, 'yeah! exactly! and??' He lovingly shook his head and smiled, but my answer was clear. The interaction made aware of how grateful I am for the reality check we each bring to each other, in different ways. For example, I lovingly shake my head no when he asks to use various kitchen tools as objects for which they were not intended. This permission/sanity check is sometimes bypassed, however. Last year, one of my favorite spatulas (wooden, sturdy, very useful!) disappeared. I kept waiting for it to turn up, much like you wait for the missing sock to come out of the next laundry load...and wait. and wait. Well I started looking in places I conceivably could have mistakenly put it away, searched drawers/cupboards with no luck. I thought, 'well? Maybe Eric accidentally put it somewhere I don't know to look when he was unloading the dishwasher.' PS When Eric can't remember where something goes, he makes it into a little treasure hunt for me the next time I go looking for it. But I don't complain! Having the dishwasher unloaded in any variety is always welcome! Anyway, back to my spatula. So I ask Eric, 'you haven't seen my wooden spatula, have you? I just can't find it anywhere!' Immediately a sheepish, caught-red-handed look sweeps across his face, like, 'uh-oh...she noticed.' Well come to find out, he'd been using it for weeks as an ice-scraper for the car!! I've since reclaimed it as the kitchen tool that it is, but now I know to keep an eye on it in the winter...;)
Anyway, I am glad my husband is compassionate and sympathetic, but draws the line at feeding into my occasional over-the-top woes. ;) Just the right balance. I only hope I am the same logical balance the days he suggests Taco Bell for breakfast. not even kidding.


Rebekah said...

Haha. Hilarious. I too have found kitchen tools missing in action. I once found a diembodied #2 pencil used for the itty bitty tiny piece of metal that holds the eraser in place... Matthew flattened it out with a hammer and used it for his bike seat. All to say, our husbands are pretty inovative, huh?

Sarah said...

Haha!! I'm surprised he didn't grab a spatula instead of a wooden spoon :)

The Shillings said...

Ha - yes! Our husbands are very innovative and creative I guess! ;)