Marty's BD Party!

We had such a great time celebrating my wonderful father-in-law's birthday on Saturday (actual birthday was Sunday). I am so thankful to the Lord for blessing me with such close in-laws, and now it's even better that they are only an 8-hour drive away! I love Marty and celebrate his life!

Here is the birthday boy with his surprise guest who flew in from Colorado to be there! What a joy to have Grandpa Parrett there, it had been way too long since Eric and I had seen him!

Aunt Sandy, Erika, and me (thanks Aunt Sandy for taking all these pics!!)

Here, Eric is lighting the many candles that went on the cake (haha, just kidding Marty!) ;) No, actually it wasn't a cake, it was a traditional English trifle....FRIENDS fans anyone?? I got to help Debbie put it all together - it was so delish. Nope, no 'beef sauteed with peas and onions' made it in...just the layers of jam, custard, and angel food cake. Oh and fresh raspberries. It was heaven on a plate. Aunt Kari and Jena stand by to make sure Eric doesn't set the whole thing on fire... :)

Cousins pic! Its so fun when we all get together (we missed you Megan!!). Notice anything about the color of my husband's skin? My goodness, he looks about 5 shades darker than the rest of us!

Debbie getting to relax and enjoy the party since all the work and prep was done ahead of time!

Thanks for having us!! What a fun weekend! We love you all!