Whew! Made it!

We pulled into Jacksonville last night in record time actually- right at 7 hours! I think it was the first time ever that we experienced no traffic problems in Charlotte, it was awesome. The Lord protected us and kept our car safe the whole way - there was only one 50 mile stretch that made us nervous; we were only 40 miles from Charleston, which was 100 miles from the eye of the beast herself. The skies were a little greenish (umm, scary!) and a little too discolored from the pitch black they should have been to make us comfortable. The rain wasn't bad at all though - actually way less than we expected! With the strong wind gusts and our little car going 80 mph, I half expected to be blown right off the road. ;) I kept thinking as we passed trucks, "please let there not be a 50 mph wind gust that pushes that right into us!" and thankfully there never was. We were surprised how much company we had on the highway (not traffic, but we were expecting to be the only crazy ones out there) while we headed towards the coast racing to meet 'hanna' face to face. Bottom line, we are so thankful to be here for the weekend and that we made the trip; we would have been kicking ourselves to miss this celebration for what turned out to be a little rain and a little wind.