Moo-Moo's 1st game!

Saturday we had the pleasure to get to see my niece, Molly's, first soccer game!! It was a hoot!! I had never been to a 3&4 yrs old's game and it was the most precious soccer game I have ever seen in my life. First of all, the field is maybe 20x10 yards...and the boundaries are what is considered"out" is semi-lenient. The coaches are right there in the middle of the action, coaching the little half-pints, "over here! come on, guys, follow the ball! that's right! good job!" etc. The time-outs and half-time were determined when over 1/2 of the kids would run back to their mom and/or dad looking for a water break and a chance to catch their little breath.
Moll's face was red; she was working hard! She stayed in nearly the whole game, hustling and staying up with the fastest of them! It was so cute! Also, the little outfits ranged from hard-core to almost dress-up. One little girl had on sunglasses and metallic pink shin guards. She turned out to be the MVP of the opposing team! Little Moo was stylin' with her pink umbro shorts, pink socks, and pink bow with little soccer balls on it. Here she is below with her new friend in front of her.

What a fun event to kick off a great weekend of relaxing!!

Last week, Moo-Moo, A-Pie, and Meg came over for a little walk and dinner while Josh was away on business. Meg and me got to chat while throwing together a delicious (and easy) dinner. ;)
Eric was perfectly content to just settle in on the couch to enjoy a little Princess Jasmine (Aladdin) with the girls. I now have 2 major draws to entice Moo over... my kitties and Princess Jasmine.

Uh-oh - the scary tiger is on!! (not Raja, but the sand tiger) Even Annie is pulling that blanket a little tighter...what's going to happen, Uncle Eric??

Whew - Aladdin and Jasmine are ok! Good thing.


Rebekah said...

Too cute for words!!

johnandkatie said...

I love your pictures and writing! Thanks for having a blog! I love you kitty's too!