My Babies

Ok, did anyone think it would really be long before I started posting pictures of my kitties?? I promise to keep it to a minimum once I get going on this, but for now, all must endure the beautiful little babies I like to snuggle with at night. and day. and all the time in between. A warm, fuzzy belly is the sweetest thing ever.

This is Oliver, just taking a little sun bath. He's so cute.

My hunny-bunny (he loves being called that, ask him somtime) with my other baby, Marzell. Awww, and here are the boys together. They aren't afraid to show each other affection; they still play, "fight", and love on each other like they were still kittens.
Oliver chilling, you know, just watching some tv....animal planet? food network? we love the same channels.
And here is Oliver being a "mama cat" to our foster kittens. He bathes, cuddles, and love on them like they were his... so. sweet. (this little gray kitten was adopted a few months ago, and Oliver mourned the loss of her) Just looking at pictures of them make me smile.
Also, I know some person think cats are mean, unlovable, etc...but look at mine! Those definitions simply cannot be matched to these sweet little perfect cats. They are one of a kind and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
(can you tell which one is MY favorite? Shhh...don't tell Marzell...I love him too)

out of feelings of neglect - here is another one of Marzi. My heart is so full.


Maria said...

Ok, thats it! "Hunny Bunny"??? and 500 kitty pictures and not a word about maria? what in the world is happening?!

Betsy Shilling said...

"That's what you get!" haha, not really, I can just hear steve's voice saying that when there is no other logical explanation to come up with. Don't despair, friend, I have plenty and plenty to say about my maria! (pictures not so much...what is WITH us)

Rebekah said...

Ok. THIS X 100,000 = the number of pictures we can expect from your actual baby. Lord have mercy. JUST KIDDING!!!! We would love a gazillion pictures of Betric whenever he/she sets (hairy) foot on this earth. (the hairy comment is for Eric, not Betsy)