Reflecting on this time last year...

For the 10 days I was past my due date (but really anytime after 39 weeks) I was THE crankiest person on the block. maybe in all of Greensboro! 40-41.5 weeks pregnant was uncomfortable in every way possible. I wasn't sleeping (believe or not, life-with-a-newborn-sleep was way better than end-of-pregnancy sleep), Eric was accusing me of "hogging" her to myself (hilarious in retrospect...but my sweet husband was just so ready to become a Dad!), heartburn, back pain, having 40 extra lbs on my frame, I was practically watching the minutes tick by on the clock. Quite a few people told me, 'don't worry, you can't stay pregnant forever!' but it really felt as though I might. More than anything, I was just so ready to meet my precious daughter and hold Sophia in my arms at last... I remember being so full of the fear that I'd come so close to having a child only to still experience loss in the end. I remember sharing these prayer requests with a friend on my due date (10 prior to birth): for patience on the Lord in His timing, for strength to handle delivery/labor, and for peace that the Lord has not brought us thus far to abandon us now. Oh how faithfully He answered each of those requests!
Well, one year later, I am so thankful. That I indeed did not stay pregnant forever! all those well-intentioned (but driving me crazy) people were right! thankful that I have gotten to hold, kiss, dance with, snuggle, zerbert, and a million other joyful things with Sophia every single day this year. thankful that Sophia is so much wonderful than I could have even dreamed her to be. thankful that I have a loving husband, who also happens to be an AWESOME Daddy for my little girl.
one year ago I was the crankiest person you could come across. today, I am perhaps the happiest. it's been a good year. the countdown to Sophia's birthday is....T-6 days! I'm very nostalgic these days so more reflections are bound to come. :)


borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

Makes me cry...maybe because I am now the crankiest person on the block, awaiting to meet my daughter and hope that she is a LOT like her big cousin Sophia! And also so grateful that Sophia is here, so full of life and wonderful personality!