11 months!!!

This is my last monthly post before the big "1" yr birthday! Craziness! My baby will no longer be a 'baby' this time next month!!!! Sophia, you are growing up toooo fast!

*BIG news this month* on Christmas Day, Sophia Grace started crawling!!! She had been scooting herself backwards for a while, but this was full-fledged, rocking on all fours, crawling full-steam ahead! It is so fun to watch her see something across the room and then just go for it! It was really neat to have both sets of Grand-parents get to witness this milestone with us. She seems so much happier now that she can MOVE!

*She still loves imitating sounds back and forth, blowing bubbles, sticking her tongue out & blowing, clicking her tongue, and she has started giggling at body noises (oh gosh! it begins!) like blowing your nose, sneezing, burping, farting, the works. Eric's child 100%. :)

*While in Germany (shortly after arriving), we got thrush. AGAIN. thankfully meds cleared it up after about 2 weeks. definitely seems to be linked to travel/stress somehow since we get it each time I fly with her

*Still responds to her favorite song: Chris Brown- 'Forever'. She has even miraculously figured out how to turn it on my phone (by herself!!) and lights up when she hears it begin! She also starts 'dancing' when music comes on...she moves her torso back and

*Nursing 4 times during the day and while in Germany 2x at night. Now that we are home we are experimenting with her overnight diaper since she really gets soaked by being in the same one for 12 hrs. The past 3 nights I have tried a disposable w plenty of zinc oxide cream on her and she has sttn! I'm going to try an extra liner in her cd to see if that keeps her dry enough

*The month in Germany she napped 3x a day, one long morning nap (2 hrs) and two short afternoon naps (1 hr each) but her bedtime wasn't usually until 8:30-9:30 pm while we were there. Now that we're home, she is back to her normal 7p-7a with two naps (usually around 8:30 am and 1 pm)

*she has become quite a ham since all the attention in Germany! She will do something adorable then look around like, 'is anybody watching to see how cute I am?' makes us laugh (which of course is the reaction she was hoping for) :)

*loves playing peek-a-boo and will initiate with her lovey, daisy! her eyes get so wide while she is 'hiding' and sometimes she keeps one of the only partially covered like she wants to keep an eye on what is going on even though she is hiding. Then when she reveals herself, we yell "BOO" and she jumps then starts belly-laughing! such a fun game

*Eric taught her to give high-fives! and this week she learned that when we ask, 'how big is Sophia?' she puts her hands way up in the air - 'SO big!'

*when she is concentrating, she opens her mouth and forms her lips into an oval "O". She does this when she is really excited too, like playing w an i-phone or other electronic device

*Nicknames: peanut, sweet pea, love bug, 'bug', Soph, Sophers, and poo-nut (that one is all Eric)

We are so thankful for how you are growing and developing, Sophia! Our hearts overflow with love for you!

This month's pictures accurately display that life doesn't stop these days....constantly on the move! ;) no time for pictures, Mom! time to explore!


Katie said...

It's amazing how big she is now! So grown up looking. :) And so beautiful.
We love watching you grow and develop Sophia! We love YOU!