Look who is pulling up!!

Sophia pulled up to her feet this morning! She has been pulling up to her knees for a while, but has finally mastered how to get to a standing position on her own! She was helping Mama pull things out of the dryer and something was in the back that she couldn't reach from her knees, so she popped up to her feet! Then it looked like she wanted to climb right in... maybe another day!

She continues to be our cautious girl, only going for it if she is really confident she can do it. Eric and I tend to both be a bit cautious, so it is interesting to see either her personality matches ours or her environment encourages caution despite me trying not to put her in a box based on my own tendencies. I have to admit though, caution is not something I am disappointed with if it translates into wise, well-calculated decisions as she matures! We can only hope & pray!

Look at this cute little HINEY! I can hardly stand it! so squeezable!