That's right, people, we have first words! Big excitement in this house! She has been saying both for a week or two, but Eric and I have looked at each other, wondering, is she saying what we think she is saying?? is that coincidence? but on Monday she said one word and then yesterday another, both CLEAR AS A BELL.

drumroll.....and her first word is.....KITTY!! mama is so proud! Also it cracks me up that neither mama or dada were first! Eric and I have been jokingly arguing about that since she was born. We were both wrong! hah.
When she says kitty, it sounds more like, 'kke-kke' like two 'k' sounds together. she points and hold her hand out when the cat is in sight, lights up with a smile, 'kke-ke!' that's right honey, kitty!
Another cute story of her saying it this week. We took friends who just had a baby, Matt & Erin, dinner on Monday. It was fun to see sweet little Holden, he slept the whole time we were there. While Matt was holding him, we brought Sophia over to him and said, 'look, Sophia!' she got quiet, gasped in wonder at the little bundle, and reached out to touch him, 'kke-ke!!' We were like, no sweetie that is a BABY not a kitty. both are cuddly and soft though so I understand her mix-up. :)

her second word is....ALL DONE! of which she also uses the sign (actually she still signs 'all done' more than she says it, but its starting to be both!) It is actually very handy to know when she is all done! Communication is exciting!

Also, though it isn't technically a "word", she can also roar like a lion when prompted (especially if you roar first). Sophia, what does a lion say? "ROOAAARR" :)

Signs she continues to use:
-more (claps her hands together as variation)
-all done
-kiss (this is the sweetest one!!!)
-please (used it a few times, still working on using it more)
-eat (hit and miss)

and then she is good at pointing or reaching an out-stretched hand towards what she wants

Going for her favorite kitty! He is safe up there for now...she hasn't figured out how to climb yet :)


borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

Luca is so excited she is talking. I asked him this morning...who can say Kitty and he said, SOPHIA and what else can she say? "All done". "She can say Luca too" Luca adds. Can't wait to hear it on video and so excited for her amazing early speech!

Katie said...

I want Sophia to sign KISS for me so I can kiss her right up! SO FUN!!!! I love it!