our little one who two years ago today went straight from my womb into the arms of Jesus. Your Mama and Daddy's hearts still ache for you on earth, but we look forward with expectant joy to meeting you on the other side of eternity. We miss you, sweet one; our love runs deep for you. Some days the tears are fresh and flow freely. Our hearts will continue to heal with the passing time, but will not forget - you are never forgotten. Mama sends her kisses towards heaven tonight. I love you.


jay said...

Sweet and tender and as special as a Mommy & Daddy's love can be.
Popeye to this dear one too.

Chris said...

Tears from Michigan too. Love you Bets.

Dan and Michelle said...

I lost two in June and November of 2009 as well, and I, too, still miss them, but am so thankful for the three precious ones the Lord has given to us! Can't wait to meet ALL those special kiddos in Heaven!
Michelle ;o)