Winning the Lottery!

I feel like I won the lottery today....I booked my flight to Seattle to visit sweet little Juliet and I leave in 2 short weeks! Sophia is coming with me, so my prayers for a smooth travel experience have already begun! I used Eric's frequent flyer miles from his trips to India - they sure came in handy! We have really been blessed with frequent flyer miles; I feel like we do more flying on FREE tickets than on PAYING tickets. I am so grateful!
AND I found out tonight that MARIA is coming to visit me like TOMORROW!!! She flies in on Wednesday and I am sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!! She is here until Friday late afternoon so we get like 2 1/2 days together! This is the best week!
Within 2 weeks I get to see Maria and Katie which just thrills me to no end. :) Ahhhhhh happy.


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