12 3/4 months!

Since I missed our 12 month post, at this point, we'll just call it what it is....12 3/4 (almost 13!) months. :) I do want this month documented though as the 1st Bday is a big milestone in development!
I feel like the past 2 months, Sophia has exploded in her gross motor skills and communication. In the past 2 months, she has gone from sitting up and minimal rolling over to pulling up, cruising, standing with no hands, dancing on her own, climbing and walking with assistance! Our girl is on the move! Over the weekend, she walked pushing the little baby-walker ON HER OWN! big stuff people! She is so proud of herself and loves the cheering she gets from Mom and Dad!! We couldn't be prouder either! :) I took a little video to show her new mad skills off which I will post soon!

Ok, 12 Month Stats:
Weight - 21 lbs 12 oz - 56%
Height - 30 1/2 inches - 84%
Head - 45cm - 43%

Eating: She continues to be our good eater most days. Like most pre-toddlers (still getting used to not saying BABY!) some days she scarfs food like she is starving, other days, she plays more than eats and doesn't really seem too interested. She seems to really ENJOY eating though and makes a "YuMMMMMM" sound for food and while eating. She knows the sign for eat as well and signs MORE for almost everything these days. This month, she added "drink" and really got "please" down as well. When she signs "please", I don't care what she is asking for, my heart melts! Sweetest thing ever with those big, brown eyes looking up at me!
Her absolutely favorite foods right now are: pasta with tomato sauce, citrus fruits (even fresh lemon/lime believe it or not!), peas, frozen blueberries, avocado, and cheese. Other foods she really likes: crackers, cottage cheese, raisins, beans, potatoes, broccoli, and of course anything SWEET (which she has only gotten little, LITTLE of...I mean, I'm talking diluted juice being big stuff around here)
*she is "talking on the phone" in the pic below....it is soooo cute! She will use my actual phone, puzzle pieces, crackers, or as a last resort, her hand, to pretend to be on the phone. most of the time, she is talking to "dada"*
Sleeping: She still takes two naps (usually around 8:30-9am and 1 pm) and goes down at 7 pm for the night. She still has night wakings at least once or twice, most of the time I nurse her, but sometimes just rock for a bit and back down. At her 12 month check up, the Dr. reminded me that she does not need to eat at night and the longer we continue this night waking habit, the more cemented it will become as we continue into her 2nd year. She talked about methods and it boils down to sleep training like we did when she was 6 weeks. Let her work it out on her own, check on her every 15 min to ensure that she isn't sitting in wet pjs, dirty diaper, her leg isn't caught in crib rails, etc. SIGH. I'm not really thrilled about doing this, but I do believe it is best for her sleep wise. I'm going to wait until mid-march when we get back from our trip to Seattle. I don't want to put us through a few rough nights only to experience travel, jet lag, being away from home which always throws a kink into her sleep patterns anyway. Over all, though, she sleeps wonderfully other than being on the light sleeper end. She must get that from Eric. :)

Clothing: She is wearing 18 month clothing and some 18-24 month pants to fit her long legs! Her feet are size 4 but she really does NOT like to have shoes on so until she is walking outside, we aren't really worrying about trying to keep them on. She is cruising and pulling up fine just wearing socks. :)
Teething: YES. 1 bottom molar in and another cutting through....

Our typical day:
6:30-7 am wake up, nurse, get dressed
7:30 am breakfast while Daddy eats his and Mama makes his lunch
8-9 am play time, read books
9-10:30 am nap
11 am nurse, diaper change, errands, visit a friend, lunch with Molly, church, usually "on the go" this time of day
12:30 pm lunch, independent play
1:30-3 pm nap (it is usually 1 1/2 hr - 2 hrs long)
3 pm nurse, diaper change
3:30-5 pm grocery shop, walks outside, playing in her room while I clean the house/fold laundry, etc
5 pm snack while Mom prepares dinner
5:30-6 pm Daddy's home!!! really gives her a second wind when he gets home
6 pm family dinner
6:30 pm bath time, reading, bed time routine
7 pm nurse and put in bed!

Sophia, sweetheart, you are pure infectious JOY in our day! Daddy enjoys dancing to music with you in the living room, playing guitar for you, and our family breakfasts on Saturday at Chickie-Fil-A! I enjoy your wet kisses and playing "Mama's gonna get you!" game together while your laughter is heard through the whole house. We both love your hugs and cuddles, knowing this precious time with you is such a gift!


Katie said...

<3 this sweet girl!!! Last pic is my favorite!