Fun with Mimi being here for the week!

Sophia loved having Mimi here all week! It was special to have her celebrate Sophia's birthday and spend time with us. Sophia was so cute; she would wake up from naps reaching for the door, knowing Mimi was out there waiting to play! Pops, thanks for holding down the Sonne fort! We wish you could have been here too!

We went out on 2/2 for Soph's birthday lunch at Chick-Fil-A....granted, she ate green beans, crackers, and oranges from home but she still loves going out to sit in restaurants with us. :)

Chilling on the couch...daddy taking a nap

Mimi with the birthday girl

Going for a wagon ride on a beautiful, sunny day! I think Mimi was ok with having 50 degree days here; meanwhile back at the dorm, it was bitterly cold with temps below zero!