First Bloody Nose!

Sophia got her first bloody nose this week! She was cruising along the furniture in our living room, lost her footing/slipped, and went face first down onto the hardwood floor. There were some tears, but she is a tough girl and recovered quickly with some cuddles from Mama & Daddy. I noticed immediately the stream of blood coming out of her nose, so I cleaned her up with a warm, wet washcloth. It's kind-of crazy to me that she got her first bloody nose at 12 months (since she is generally very cautious) but as you can see from the pictures, she was smiling and our happy girl again bloody nose and all!


Rebekah said...

Poor baby! I'm so glad it was relatively minor. I guess she's moving into that accident-prone stage, right?

jay said...

"Good Job Mommy!" Sophs looks good in red...what a happy smiley face!