More Fall Fun

We went to a farm (Razz and Tazz) that has some fun fall things for kids to do. In Sophia's case, her mission was to try to eat as much hay without Mom/Dad noticing. Boy did she love all that hay. As she gets older, I'm sure it will be even more fun, but we still enjoyed it this year too. The weather was perfect!

Eric and I took turns taking Sophia on this cow ride-train. We were cracking up how much enjoyment we got out of it! It dawned on me that things like THIS are exactly why kids grow up thinking their parents are dorks....because we are! :) But what can we say?! Holding Sophia while sitting in a cow car being pulled by a tractor was fun! :)


Katie said...

that is awesome!! I love the cow ride!
and maybe hay tastes good?? lol

Nancy Kapp said...

tooooo funny! I love it!