Walking buddy

Sophia had a walking buddy today, her friend Zach. They enjoyed talking back and forth from their strollers and looked very cute all bundled up (it was 39 degrees out this morning!). I sure enjoyed my time with Zach's Mommy (Katie M) also. :)

Sophia looks more zoned than she was. Her little eyebrows look furrowed in worry, but she was maybe just sad Zach had to go into his own stroller rather than hanging out in hers. :)

What a joy and blessing these two are. Praising Jesus for them both.


Katie said...

<3 it! :) They're so sweet together.

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

They are so cute! Looks cold, glad you could bundle up and get some exercise!

Jessica said...

They are precious together! So cute!!! Glad that you and Katie get to share this special experience with one another. Zach and Sophia are destined to be best buds!

Anonymous said...