Marzell & Sophia

Marzell and Sophia have developed a sweet relationship. He tolerates her being near him and on occasion, even initiates attention by going over to sniff her and check out what she is doing. If she is crying, he often follows me into her room, like he is trying to figure out why she is upset (or maybe it's how to make the loud noise stop, I'm not sure which). Felix on the other hand doesn't seem to know she exists, nor does he care. Likewise, Sophia doesn't show much interest in him either.
Anyway, it is really cute to see her light up when Marzell is within arm's reach. She smiles really big and especially likes it when he rubs his tail in her face. It will be interesting to see what happens between them when she becomes mobile and can actually go after him....in these pics, she was playing on the couch and he came up to her (which made her day) and laid down next to her. Eventually she got a little too rowdy for him so he left, but it is sweet that he is proving much more tolerant than I expected him (or any cat) to be.


Maria said...

Oh my gosh she is sooo cute!! I love that they are bonding! Please Martzell, always be calm and sweet!