Carving a pumpkin

We got a pumpkin from the farmer's market yesterday. Eric carved it with Sophia's help. We had a lovely time enjoying the beautiful fall afternoon together.

Look out world - she's got eyes as beautiful as the ocean is deep...
Sophia wants to taste everything she touches these days....the pumpkin was of course no exception! :)

The finished product! Eric (& Soph) did a fantastic job! The inspiration to this year's design came from none other than our sweet pea herself. Can't you see the resemblance with the little buck teeth and comb-over hair style? :) Very adorable combo.


Maria said...

She is so beautiful! Those eyes are magical!!! the pumpkin carving looks like a perfect fall activity, wish I were there!

Katie said...

I love her cheeks too Bets!
And I LOVE the pumpkin!!!! Great job Eric (and Soph)!