8 Months!

Something is stealing my baby away from me right under my own eyes.....TIME! She is growing faster by the day and she is already 2/3 of the way to her 1st birthday ~CRAZY~

Oh what a joy each day is though! I feel like her personality is really coming out! The other day at the grocery store, I was letting her hold a box of cereal and she started chewing on the box. I gently took it out of her mouth and let her know that cardboard wasn't for eating. Since she refused to hold it without trying to make it into a snack, I put the box into the cart and said/signed, "all done". She LOST it on aisle 5 - I'm sure people 3 aisles over could hear her unhappy tears. TEARS! I actually had to smile because such a reaction could only be generated out of her brain working and processing...knowing what she wants when she wants it! Of course she didn't get the cereal box back, but after 30 seconds she decided her rattle was an ok substitute so the drama ended soon after it started. :) Oh I know that is only a taste for what is to come, but boy, the human brain is quite a marvelous thing!

*Sophia has rolling over (from tummy to back) DOWN. She has rolled from back to tummy but doesn't do it very often. Because she rolls easier from tummy to back than the other way around, she has still never gotten stuck in bed without being able to flip herself back over

*About a month ago, she started waking up in the night again. I don't know if it was brought on by a growth spurt, teething, or just to enjoy some warm milk & cuddle with Mom in the middle of the night...lately it has been just getting up once (a different time every night). Early on in parenthood, I remember that getting her to sleep through the night was such a HIGH priority. And while I do appreciate my sleep as much as everyone else, in the last month I have really been enjoying my middle-of-the-night nursing/cuddle sessions. She's only up for about 10-15 min. and in the quiet, dark room, she is soooo sweet. I've realized STTN is not the end-all goal and have cherished the sleepy girl calling out for me to come snuggle her even if it is 3 am.

*She now has 4 teeth - 2 bottom incisors, 1 top incisor, and 1 incisor lateral (right). The other top middle incisor is right under the gum

*LOVES movement...dancing with her in your arms, being thrown gently into the air, being whirled around in a circle...she will laugh and smile with glee!

*Still napping 3 times a day. that last nap is a quick 45 min cat nap usually naps around 8, 12, and 3:30

*Sophia loves her cousins and being in the church nursery....really just being around other kids! She always takes such good naps after church and after we visit Molly at school bc she is worn out from all the fun playtime

*She made her first sign - "milk"! Sooo fun to see her communicating

*She lost all her beautiful dark hair over the summer, but now it is starting to grow back in. It's still brown but much lighter than what she was born with

*She still loves to read and will sit very contently in your lap to look at books together. She likes to turn the pages and loves books with "touch-and-feel" features

*She has gotten good at transferring objects from one hand to another and examines the toys, shakes them, turns them around in her hand. She likes Eric's phone, the head lamp, my water bottles, her cloth rattle, pens, and the wireless keyboard/mouse especially. who needs "toys" when so many household items are so interesting to play with! Child-proofing still need to be done and probably soon!

*She is really trying to figure out how everything works and wants to touch EVERYthing I am touching or working on. If I am making Eric's a sandwich, she will grab the piece of bread and yank it out of my hand. If I am turning on the light in a room, she wants to try the light switch too. If I grab a pen to write a note, she will go for the pen and if that is out of reach, the paper. :)

*Sophia still loves bath time! She splashes herself in the face and it doesn't faze her at all. She kicks, splashes, and plays with her ducky and the Michigan cup I use for washing her hair

This is such an INTERACTIVE age and we are having so much fun with our love bug!

We love having a sweet little girl!