Sick day

Sophia had a cold last week. Who knows where she picked it up but I suppose we are heading into cold/sick time of year. Hopefully she will continue to get those antibodies through nursing; we have been so thankful for how healthy she has been so far. She has since gotten over the cold and neither Eric nor I caught it.

Anyway, it was very sad to see how uncomfortable she was, I mean, who doesn't feel miserable when sick? We could hear her coughing at night to try to clear her stuffy/runny nose and felt bad we couldn't do more. She was up a lot through the night and it made me remember the newborn days. :) Humidifiers and saline drops only get you so far. She never had a fever so thankfully no doctor visit was necessary. One day I made homemade chicken soup and blended it up for her - she seemed to really like it!! Nothing better than hot soup on a day you feel lousy.

Anyway, she looked so pitiful, but still cute as ever.

So glad to have her back to her healthy, chipper self!


Maria said...

awe! how pitiful! she is adorable even with a runny nose!