Michigan fan in the making...

To my own demise, Sophia was exposed to her first football game last week (a whole 5 min of it). Eric boasts that it will be one of many....I beg to differ. Well, I guess we'll see in the years to come whether she turns out to be a natural fan or whether she turns out like her Mom, completely indifferent to the sport in every way, shape, and form. I will be trying to lure her into the kitchen to help me bake cookies instead. :)
For now, she looks pretty cute in the socks Uncle Chris bought her even THOUGH he is a Spartan, not a Wolverine...it's all the same Michigan family, right?

On behalf of the house in which I live....GO BLUE!


Anonymous said...

Go Blue! (which of course can mean Carolina Blue, BFA Blue or Michigan Blue but never D_ _ _ blue. Popeye