7 Months!

Sophia is 7 months and loving life!

Our sweet pea is 7 months old. I say it every month, but the time is going by so quickly. We do not take even one day for granted with Sophia and I especially am so thankful to get to spend the whole day every day with her. I am thankful to have a hard-working husband who provides for us and for all of the wonderful blessings the Lord has given us.

This past month Sophia has learned so many new things!

*She is now sitting independently! She was sooo close for a long time, but now has a good sense of finding her balance and tips very rarely! I still have cushions or pillows nearby just in case

*She is scooting around on the floor! She lays on her back looking up at the ceiling and uses her feet to push herself across the floor....only moves one direction (Eric compares to her to a one-way track train) and can't see where she's going. Once she runs into something, she can't move anymore until we help her start over again

*Sophia twirls her toes and feet around CONSTANTLY. She looks like she is rolling her ankles and toes around to give them a good stretch. She also does it as a sign of excitement or consentration. :) It is REALLY cute.

*Still LOVING foods....esp. fruits & avocado but does well with the oatmeal/milk mush, tomato, potatoes, and squash. I need to incorporate more greens probably. She also loves bread but we don't give her it often. Mealtimes: when we do baby-led weaning approach and I let her feed herself, it is MESSY! but she has a ball trying to get the food into her mouth. When I spoon-feed her, I think she tolerates it even tho it isn't as "fun", because I am faster as getting food in her mouth than she is. Though we are working on the sign for "all done", she currently communicates not wanting more by blowing on the food/spoon as it comes near her mouth (or even better sometimes once the food is in there, she will blow it out). Another way she lets me know she's done is that she'll gag as if one more bite has sent her over the edge. Though we will keep working on the sign language, it is neat to see how she is beginning to communicate in her own way!

*She has so much fun in the Jumperoo - she would practically stay in there all day! When she is finally done/sick of it (which takes a while) it is really cute because she will start whining and making sad noises but just keeps on jumping away! as if she doesn't know how to make the ride stop :) apparently she doesn't realize she is in control of the jumping

*Rubs eyes and yawns when sleepy. Once I hand her Daisy (her pink giraffe lovey), she'll snuggle and rub it back and forth over her eyes or start sucking on part of the blanket. She is such a cuddle bug and I enjoy rocking her before naps (though she doesn't fall asleep until in her crib). Something she has just started doing is playing with my hair near my neck when she is being cuddled (face to face). She just touches it and plays with it when sleepy, doesn't pull it. I love to feel her little hands against the nape of my neck.

*Nurses about 5 times a day still, up at 6:30am ish and eats every 3 hrs until bedtime at 7:30pm ish. Still taking 3 naps

*two bottom teeth in, and one barely cutting through the top!

*likes to sleep on her side best but is usually curled up with Daisy whether on side or back. She has never rolled over to sleep on her tummy (YET). :)

*Still really loving books. Definitely has her favorites - "Moo, Baa, LaLaLa", "Dear Zoo", and "God Gave Us You"

*Still plays on her own well, on her back/tummy on the floor, in the exersaucer, jumperoo, bumbo, sitting up... and is patient for quite a while so I can clean, cook, fold laundry, etc

She is our happy girl who also brightens our days!

This is a funny new gritted teeth look....I think it is because the top gum is bothering her as the tooth is cutting through, but it makes for a cute facial expression :)
Here is the smile we love to see!


borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

She is so cute! I can't handle it! Love those eyelashes! And her little teeth!!!

Sarah said...

She's so adorable!! I love her way of communicating - did she get that little attitude from Mom or from Dad?? :)