Three Videos

Bath time - click HERE She sure loves splashing around! We do bath time every night to keep that yeasty neck clean and because its so fun!

Sitting up - HERE

And finally....the infamous JUMPEROO - click HERE.
The girl loves to jump! So much so...that we have to record her first sport injury! She jumps so happily and contently that I let her go as long as she wants to...well I noticed after a few days of having the jumperoo that she was developing a blister on one of her big toes - poor thing! too much fun jumping! we have been taking a little break from it to give her toe time to get better before going back to it. I have been putting socks on her when she jumps from now on as to avoid any more blisters... :)

So many other great videos, but I'll stop there for now. She is pure joy added to our days.


Maria said...

love the videos!!!

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

I love the videos too! The one with Sophia in the bath is a kick! She looks like she is ready for swimming lessons! And such a happy little lady. Miss you, Katie

AdamsTarheels said...

Really cute!