6 Months!

Is my baby really halfway to her 1 year birthday already? REALLY?! Aiyayai!

*she eats 5 times a day - nurses very efficiently, usually only 6-12 min total. In the morning, after going 12 hrs since her last feeding, she eats a bit longer, usually 15-20 min total. She wakes up for the day around 6-7 am, eats every 3-3.5 hrs and goes to bed around 7-7:30 pm. Still sleeping beautifully through the night!

*Sophia is getting SO CLOSE at sitting up on her own...she can do it for 2-20 seconds, but is still pretty tippy and will face plant/fall sidewise without warning :) She will sit propped up for much longer and happily plays in that position

*Still sleeps on her back for naps & nighttime even though she can and has rolled over back to front, she doesn't choose to very often. She does sleep on her side a lot

*SO VERBAL - we love love her sounds, squeals, coos, babbles, jabbers, all of the above. Every once in a while, her babbling will sound like a word perfectly placed in response to us...yesterday when Eric was flying home, I said to her, 'Sophia, are you ready to go to the airport to pick up Daddy?' and I swear her response was 'yeah!' hah :)

*Her attitude when it comes to solid food? Can.not.get.enough! I'm not talking purees & baby oatmeal, she'll take a bit here or there of that stuff and make a yuck face, but actual solids (slice of peach, bite of banana, red pepper stick, gnawing on carrot, strawberry, you name it, she loves it) My goal is to incorporate more veggies, but so far everything I had given her, she goes to town. It is amazing how those two little bottom teeth come in handy! Also, she manages to suck all the juice and "pulp" off the fruit/veggie and leaves the peel. pretty cool.

*Wakes up happy (unless sitting in a dirty diaper) from naps and Eric and "fight" about who gets to get her up! She kicks her legs like crazy and grins ear to ear when she sees you!

*Sophia is so aware of everything around her...has grown to love watching dogs/cats in the room, wants to pet them, tries to touch/play with anything you are holding, of course everything goes to the mouth for her to taste. It is fun to watch her figure things out and concentrate so hard to learn different textures, feel, looks, color, etc.

*still my little cuddle-bug and sits so contently in my lap when I read her books or just want to cuddle. I hope she stays this way forever!

*Oh, and in the past 2 weeks, she lost most of her hair and is currently bald! It is so strange to see her this way since she has had a head full of dark hair from birth!

She is such a delight...see what I mean?

She found her bow....and decided she was done wearing it....

She's cute as a bald-y too :) Wonder what the hair growing in will look like....dark, light, wavy, straight? PS look at those TEETH!


jay said...

Everytime I see that cute, bright kid I check Orbitz to see if they are giving away "Special Grandparent Fares!"

Katie said...

She is precious. :) Love her! And she's really not bald Bets- she has hair! I miss her already!

Jessica said...

She is so adorable! Love reading your blog! Keep it up! Great pics. It's so fun to see her grow into her own personality! What a beautiful daughter!