Toothy Grin!

Sophia has 5 1/2 teeth (6th one is technically in, just hasn't come down far yet)....she loves to show them off! These little choppers sure have come in handy food-wise!

*breastfeeding has taken an interesting turn with those top teeth in, but with only a few painful biting experiences (yowza!), we are so thankful to continue going strong with mama milk!


Katie said...

Sophia Grace you're a beauty! That toothy smile is precious.

P.S. I'm hoping to see a post about the recent bath 'first' ;)

Our life.... said...

so cute! oh betsy....I will NEVER forget the pain from when Seth bit me around 9 months and Joel bit me once at 8 months. I thought I would never heal or be the same after they both took a chunk out of me (I mean really....is that the kind of love we get for nursing them! :) he he....I really kind of wanted to throw up, curl up and die everytime they latched on. Not kidding! I am cringing right now as I think about it! But you know, both times as bad as it was it healed in about a week. The human body is an amazing miracle! To God be the glory!!! Hope you heal soon!

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

She is just so cute! Can't wait to see her in a month!!! I can hardly handle waiting that long!