Being "Mr. Shilling"...what a rigamarole

So usually Eric and I remember to notify our bank when we are leaving the country so that when we go to use our debit card that the location is already in their system and doesn't automatically shut down our card account of fraudulent activity. Well, we forgot to do that this time so Eric called me today and asked that I would take care of it (since he has very limited international $ to call the US). That way, when/if he needs to use his debit card, he can do so without problem. This evening, I called the bank and the first representative asked me for my name, acct#, pin, etc. I gave it all to her and then explained the situation, that my husband was in India and would need access to our debit account. She told me that she couldn't discuss his card access because of confidentiality so he would need to call himself. EXCUSE ME?! did you just understand what I said? I am calling about MY HUSBAND for a JOINT ACCOUNT that we BOTH have equal access to. You basically just told my right ear that I need to hang up and dial back because you can only talk to my left ear. So Ridiculous. So I told her (I was in no mood to be messed with. Mama Bear is feisty tonight!) that I would be hanging up, calling back, and since I have all my husband's info, there was no way she could prove I wasn't him. Haha. SO THERE. I felt childish hearing myself tell her my plan but her response was even one step further. She actually had the gall to tell me that now she would recognize my voice and that I had already told her that I was "elizabeth" and not "eric" so my plan wouldn't work. As IF I would be directed to the same representative twice! (*sidenote: I've never had such a weird convo with a rep before) I responded sarcastically. "What, you are going to put a note on our account not to let someone calling in with a female voice have access despite having all the appropriate privacy info?" Why was I fighting with a customer service bank rep again? So I hung up and since my husband needed me to take care of it, dang it, I was going to do what I had to do! I called a second time and got a male rep - PERFECT. definitely not the same lady I had just talked to. I answered all the questions correctly; he was very friendly and polite, never questioning why my voice was an octave above the average male's. He filled out the appropriate travel form, so Eric has access to whatever funds he needs from our bank during the remainder of his trip.
At the end, the rep said, "Thank you for your business. Have a wonderful day Mrs. Shilling.....errr, Mr. Shilling"
HAHA now that made me smile. :) Will the real Mr. Eric Shilling please hurry home to me?


Rebekah said...

AWESOME. STORY. CRAAAAAAZY!!!! Now Eric should call as YOU!
(ps: would you have said 'let me talk to the manager'??)

should be a blog said...

Had a similar issue with a bank once..I wanted to cash a check to "Evan and Alicia >>>." You know, from our JOINT account that we BOTH have access to? He wouldn't let me CASH it because I needed Evan's permission. He told me I could only deposit it. "So let me get this straight--I can't cash this, but I can deposit it, and then ask you to withdraw ALL of the money from the checking account?" Yep, that's right. So. Lame.

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

So funny Bets! I mean Mr. Shilling:)

Katie said...

oooh girl. don't mess with mama Shilling! i'm glad it worked out and sorry for the hassle. can't wait to read your next post about eric being HOME!!!