9 Months!

3/4 of the way to Sophia's 1st birthday?? WHAT?! I've been too busy to notice because she is at such a FUN age! Her personality emerges a little more every week and we love every bit of it! Even the whiny, whimpering for the object she wants but can't have (usually mouse, remote, keyboard, etc) because it means her brain is making connections and her communication center is up and running! Hopefully we'll be able to turn those whines into "please" and "thank you"s.... :)

*as previous post states, Sophia has 6 teeth in now...4 top, 2 bottom. she definitely knows how to use them! Has been "experimenting" a little with biting recently....I think to see what Mama & Daddy's reaction is going to be when she sinks her teeth into one of us. We are practicing our stern faces with a clear "no" - she gives us the biggest smile like 'wasn't that fun?' little stinker

*nurses 4 times during the day, about every 4 hrs. She is still getting up usually twice a night (only since the last month or two). I am not sure why all of a sudden she started doing that but I think partly she is distracted while she nurses during the day with everything going on around her so she makes up for it at night. She only gets up for 10-15 min and is still sleeping 12 hrs (6:30-6:30pm usually) so the mid-night cuddles are a short season that I will just enjoy while they last.

*Weighing 21 lbs and wearing 12 month, 12-18 month, and 18 month clothing. It is interesting because her weight doesn't "match" the clothing size. For instance, 18 month clothing is supposed to be 24.5-28 lbs but some things fit her perfectly. I have always said that her volume is greater than her mass. She definitely is starting to "thin out" because of the mobility increasing (don't worry, still plenty of rolls to go around) :)

*babbles alot....mamamama, BA! BA!, lalalala, sticks her tongue out, moves it side to side and makes noise...hilarious. Also something that resembles a combination of "tsk, tsk" and a chicken clucking....love when you imitate what she's doing, then she does it, then you do it, etc

*really high pitched squeaks and shrills, loves going back and forth with this too

*Still loving bath time. Has started something new that I am NOT thrilled about, but just part of the territory...Sophia gets really relaxed in there, lets it all out, so I get to handle a squirmy, slippery, wet baby while I scoop, then clean the tub of brown residue, and re-draw the water. not the best but Sophia isn't phased a bit....she is always confused why I interrupt bath time to drain and re-draw the water. loves to splash and is super laid back about water in her face...

*Has amazing belly laughs. She doesn't give them out "easily" so when she's really laughing hard it is the greatest gift to receive!

*Still loves music...random, but she breaks a huge smile out for "The hills are alive with the sound of music...."

*Down to two naps a day! (most days, every once in a while its still three naps) It has been GREAT for being more flexible to do things in terms of bigger blocks of awake time

*loving food still. recent favorites: cheese, sweet potato, cheerios, peaches, banana, avocado, zucchini/squash, and peas. She loves to feed herself peas one at a time! so cute. Pincher grasp is really good at this point! so thankful for this skill - don't take it for granted!
doesn't seem to like apricots. so far it's the only thing she has really refused every time I try it. guess we'll shelf it for down the road.

*even though she is on the move and is our little wiggle-worm who doesn't sit in one place for long, she still enjoys sitting in our laps to read books!

*separation anxiety starting....

*loves the great outdoors! favorites include walks and sitting in the grass, especially while Daddy plays her guitar music in the backyard

We love you so much, sweet pea!


Maria said...

9 Months!! She is so beautiful and special! what a great lovie! Thanks for such a great update!!

Anonymous said...

"High pitched shrieks & squeels"...that was as predictable as the beautiful brown eyes. This IS her Mama's daughter.

Katie said...

So sweet! She is a beauty and a delight!