Missing Eric

Eric is in India on a unique opportunity with Greensboro Day School. He has been gone one week and has one more week before he's home so we are officially halfway thru the two weeks.
We sure miss him in a big way!!!

Sophia and I have both had a cold this week, I think we are starting to come out on the other side. Last night was the worst night sleep-wise so far....felt like I had a newborn in the house again. She, pardon me, WE were up at least 5x. and at one point it was in half hr increments. sigh. nothing a good cup of coffee and prayer time couldn't fix this morning though. :)

The cats have been extra crazy with Eric gone too. Its like they know something is off and potentially are getting less attention than usual as I focus on little sweetie-pie 100%. Here is a picture of where Marzell started napping this week. Both cats slept in the crib before Sophia was born, but once she moved in, they were outta there! Now Marz is back...I think it's a jealousy sign. Of course Sophia thinks it's the BEST THING EVER to find a cat in her bed! haha she loves it and squeals/laughs, which is very effective at getting the cat OUT! :)

Here is some fun with Daddy just before he left. Makes me sooo thankful he doesn't travel often for work. I knew I would miss his help with Sophia since he is such a hands-on Dad, but what I am craving more than ever is his company during the evening after sweetie-pie goes to bed and it's time just the two of us have together. Looking forward to next Wed!

"Oh the fun things I do with Dad!"


Katie said...

Oh girl. I know Eric misses you and Sophia too. You and Sophia are welcome to join the craziness here this weekend :) xo