Seattle Continued

Preface: Ya'll, I hope you like pictures of me, Katie, and Seattle, because here are some more coming your way! ;)

Now, I wasn't making the trip for the weather. It could have rained all day and night and I still would have been content as can be. I was there to see Katie, John, and the baby bump - the rest was insignificant details. Secretly I will tell you how glad I am that an almond croissant made its way into the details!! But that is beside the point. The point I was trying to make is that I didn't care what happened in the great outdoors, rain or shine. BUT, I am happy to say, we were blessed with SHINE! SUNshine! It was beautiful! Seattle is a gorgeous place, especially when it is sunny! Here are some pictures I took on a walk with Katie at Discovery Park and then a view of the Seattle skyline later that evening during sunset.

We went for a run together at Discovery while I was there too. It is just such a fun place, with all types of trails and views of the water and mountains and even a lighthouse. It is always a place we hit up when I am in town, b/c I absolutely love being there.

Do not let the fact that this skyline picture was taken while cruising at 65 mph on the highway escape your knowledge!! Please excuse any remnants of the uninvited guard rail that graced us with its presence in the picture. I was living on the risky side, elevating the camera as high as I could without my hand *technically* (term used loosely) being out of the car (the window was down and remember we were going 65 mph). Hey, I didn't want a stupid guardrail to block the shot! I was also playing it cool, though, as to not completely unnerve the driver (Kate), who also happens to be the owner of the nice, new camera I was using. Live on the wild side, right? At least when it is with someone else's stuff? No, don't worry, Sis, I was being careful... ;)
Well, I guess I just gave up my camera rights for my next visit...but it's ok, because next visit, my hands will be too busy holding a little newborn to mess with a camera... ;)

Like I've said, I was there for the sweet time together - and let me assure you - oh, how it did not disappoint.